About Journaling Irene

So I’ve launched a new vow to “Irene Journal” here — frequently.  Irene Journaling is my way of writing about the experience of bringing this novel together.  Topics will be wide-ranging, as I’m often sidetracked with research and this wandering imagination of mine oft times sneaks down a path I’d never intended to take.   Whatever sparks, or has sparked my curiosity, I hope to share here.  Advice I’ve received, responses to query letters,  when historical or modern day characters of interest are stumbled upon, the highs and the lows of finding the magic, the “Open Sesame” incantation to writing through to the end, of fitting my book with an agent, of that agent finding a fit with a publisher, of dealing with tax people after the big check arrives, of acceptance speeches for awards at gala events — yeah, all of that and then some, I hope to share here.
Some questions from friends have already been sent to my email, like:
“How do I leave a comment?”  My friend Leslee found that she needed to “log in” in order to leave a comment (it was a good one; I do enjoy words like ‘fabulous’ — thanks, Leslee).  I think you must also click on the Title of the Post to access the dialogue box for Comments at the bottom of the page.  If I find out more, will revise this information.
“Is there a way to get this so I don’t have to check everyday?”  My friend David (extraordinarily busy with final edits on The Vampire Sonnets — imagine an entire book about vampires set to verse?!  It’s amazing!) asked, and what I’ve found so far are the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) icons on my email tool bars and also on this blog’s tool bar (it’s that little orange square with the signal-like arcs in white, upper righthand side of this page).  I think RSS is the key, the magical way to receive the posts, really simply.
Let me know if you have questions, come across glitches or problems.  I’m very lo-tech, but I do try.  And thanks, genuine thanks, for stopping by.  lynn doiron

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