Status of The True Life Adventures (etc.)

The True Life Adventures of Irene in White Tights has survived through four drafts and the weight of an added Epilogue which may, or may not, be incorporated into the final chapter — depending upon what the fifth draft demands. Each draft assumes its own personality and presence; or, perhaps, each draft decides upon yet another facet of ‘self’ it will show. I begin to think I may be in need of psychoanalytic training, that if I asked the fourth draft to relax on a long sofa (a very long sofa, one capable of accomadating one hundred thousand words, not to mention a circus, a carnie venue, a Brooklyn brownstone, an adobe casa in Cottonwood, Arizona, a park, some pigeons, Barbados, Hell’s Kitchen, China Town NYC —-> nevermind <—- trust me, a  v e r y  l o n g  sofa!), and then asked the fourth draft to tell me its innermost fears, well, I begin to think I wouldn’t know how to soothe the fourth draft, how to give comfort, how to advise it other than offering some sort of mantra, like: I’m ok. You’re ok.  Advice from my friend and editing coach, Lynn Vannucci, is along the lines of “start a new project, occupy your creative side with other enjoybable tasks.” Sure, Vannucci. Fine. Meanwhile, the first chapter may or may not have been discarded by an agent who has those early pages in hand. Ok. Ok. The new project is moving out of one Rosarito, BC, Mexico casita into a casa with an ocean view. (Has the agent opened the email yet?) Second new project is knitting socks from yarn recaptured from old sweaters I can’t wear down here in Old Mexico into Christmas gifts to wrap up for later this year for children who live in climes where such socks might be appreciated. (Will the agent have read the first chapter by December? By Christmas?) Third project is squeezing pre-mixed sheetrock plaster onto red roof tiles out of a cake-decorator’s parchment cone in primitive motifs of leaves and stick-legged goats. (Is The True Life Adventures of Irene in White Tights a stick-legged goat?) Fourth project is on the horizon. I will look there right after I publish this journal entry to my long-abandoned blog.


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